Adspur Instagram Campaign


Adspur is the leading creative industry awards calendar. We were challenged to find a unique way to bring Adspur to Instagram. The client wanted their product to be visually and creatively represented on social media in a way that would effortlessly promote and explain what Adspur does.


We created an Adspur creative calendar that was specifically designed for an audience of creative industry professionals on Instagram. The process for the calendar is simple: for each date on the calendar we post an image on Instagram and those images are designed by a different designer every month.
The visual system of the calendar is broken down into four fundamental elements: the daily happenings shown in the scroll of every day posts; the key upcoming dates shown in the stories (under relevant headings); narrative stories with specific information (eg guest speakers) about ongoing events; and, the daily cover posts for which we get up and coming artists involved. There are distinct types of events (festivals, awards deadlines, call for entries, etc.), it was important to distinguish between these visually. Each event type has a designated colour which spans across the instagram campaign and Adspur site – for example, festivals are blue, deadlines are red, etc. The design for the different types of events (other than the relevant colour) has a consistency to allow the content to speak and people to find out the information they seek without being distracted by an ever changing framing design.This resulted in an easy, visually beautiful way to keep up with news of creative awards on a channel that many creatives use several times a day.


Working with ChewingRice enabled us to take our idea from its infancy stage and grow it far beyond what we could have envisaged. We worked closely with all aspects of their team throughout, ensuring that the innovative strategy they were implementing met and exceeded our goals throughout the project.
Colin Avery, Co-Founder/CEO, Adspur