EasyFX #WomenWhoTravel Social Campaign


Tell someone a story, and they may listen; make someone a part of that story, and they will believe. This is the ChewingRice way. We don’t just broadcast, we allow your customers and potential customers to be a part of the brand story. That’s what we did to help relaunch our client EasyFX, a prepaid multi-currency card.
When relaunching the EasyFX brand we noticed that there was a lack of diversity within stock photos used by the travel industry, particularly when representations of women were concerned. We realised we could make an impact in this area whilst also capturing the attention of our new target market and positioning ourselves as an innovative and switched-on brand.


In a bold move, one month after relaunching EasyFX on International Women’s Day, we launched the #WomenWhoTravel campaign. This campaign called on diverse women around the world to share their travel photos on Instagram under the hashtag #womenwhotravel. The idea was to dismantle the usual stereotypes of female travellers and show a more realistic and diverse representation of this demographic.


This campaign sparked global interest and we received images from far-flung places like Eritrea, Canada, and Thailand. For a new brand with a smaller following, the results were astounding: EasyFX Facebook engagement increased by 4000%, web traffic from social increased by over 2000% during the campaign and we had over 5000 visits to our profile on Twitter within our second month of launch. This demonstrates the power of user-generated content, and the impact of bold, socially aware marketing campaigns.